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My Wife is a High School Girl is actually the English title of the new anime release made in 7-2-2005. The original Japanese title is Oku-sama wa Joshi Kousei. Because I have a hard time remembering this Japanese title, I'll use the English title.

Summary from the ANN website:
Asami Onohara is a seventeen-year old high-school student with a secret which has not been revealed to anyone: She is already married. Her husband, Kyosuke Ichimaru, is a Physics teacher in the same high school as her. However, even though they are officially a married couple, Asami's father forbids them to have any sexual contact until after Asami has graduated. Asami has to hide the fact that she is married to Kyosuke while trying desperately to further their relationship, and it does not help when there are so many interferences and obstacles from her father and other third parties.

Note: Marriage is allowed from 16 years old (female) or 18 years old (male) in Japan.

Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=5654

episode 01. To Everyone in Secret...:
Asami narrates: "My name is Asami. I'm a 17-year old high school student. I've kept it a secret from everyone, but in reality I'm married. My husband is a physics teacher at the same high school as me. " Kyosuke Ichimaru. She calls him Danna-sama, which is a husband's title. As a morning farewell, Asami offers her lips to her husband but gets only a kiss on the forehead. She wonders if he sees her as a child. She was so happy preparing a dinner meal at her husband's birthday, she fantasized about Kyosuke rewarding her with sex but she accidentally tripped and ruined the home-cooked dinner. Though she managed to salvage only one tiny meal. But Kyosuke is very pleased with her remembering his birthday. Later, when a naked Asami tries to join in the bathtub with her husband, her father interrupts, catching them in the act. The father sternly reminds the couple of the contract and then berates Kyosuke for being perverted. But Kyosuke fights back and asserts that "Asami is mine".

episode 02. I have received a Love Letter!: Asami receives a love letter inside her locker from a mysterious student whose name we never learn. Her husband gets ahold of the letter in the class but says nothing. Later when Asami inquired him about the love letter, he assures her that he trusts her and believes in her.

episode 03. Welcome to the School Festival Asami is compelled to wear a provocative waitress's uniform at her classroom's tea cafe during the school festival. the skirts are so short you can see the girls' panties underneath them. Kyosuke is shocked to see his wife in such a dress. He distracts his colleague's eyes from Asami , even to the point of slapping him in the face. As he spots Asami's father, he tries to hide Asami but instead falls on top of her. Seeing this act, the outraged father of Asami lashes at him, destroying the cafe in the process. So Asami and her classmates have to close their shop and end listening to the astronomy club lecture. Tonight, Kyosuke kissed Asami for the first time.

episode 04. I could bear a child...!
Kyosuke is so busy that he couldn't eat together at any mealtime with her so Asami is lonely. So she finds a companion in a stray kitten whom she named Kuri, meaning "sharp" in Japanese. With her husband's permission, she adopts the kitten. Kyosuke laments that the kitten is their first child.

Next is the second disc of this series with 2 episodes (or rather 4 sub-episodes).

There is a cute and sexy panty shot of sleeping Asami with her panties exposed in fifth sub-episode (3rd episode)

I learned a lot of interesting things.
Fact 1: Ichimaru is 25. That means Asami-chan and Ichimaru are 8 years apart
Fact 2: Sakura-san and Sasuke are mother and son, not sister and brother
Fact 3: Ichimaru-sensei finds his colleague, Iwasaki flirting with a student
Fact 4: Sakura-san needs a man to support both her and her son so badly she is overly eager to marry a stranger like Ichimaru to the point of almost burying her boobs in his face much to Asami's chagrin until Asami interrupts them and reveals the secret of her relationship to Ichimaru
Fact 5: Iwasaki confesses her feelings to Ichimaru but he extremely politely turns her down.

this is the VCD copy of my Disc 2 which I've seen the latest episodes on .


SIZE=5]Picture spoilers[/SIZE]

Spoiler Warning


I've finished watching the sub-episodes 8-12 on the Disc 3 of this series.

Those 2 episodes (4 sub-episodes) were done tastefully if almost blandly.

Sakura decided to give up on her seducing Ichimaru after learning the truth of Asami's relationship with him.

Ichimaru's grandmother visited him and Asami to request that they get a child. But she learned that Asami is only a high school student and may not bear a child. However, she still has hopes of a great-grandchild so she plans to live a long time until she gets to see her great-grandchild.

As if Asami's dad isn't one obstacle enough, both Sakura's son Sasuke and Asami's friends are added as extra obstacles to Ichimaru and Asami's quality time alone together as a couple.

Here are my thoughts on episodes 13-16.

Ichimaru is still as passive as ever. That was one of his weak points.

Episode 13- Asami's classmates are curious that Asami-chan's presence coincides with Ichimaru-sensei's presence in the hospital until Sakura-san saved the day by covering for her. Apparently Sakura-san was pretty altruistic in helping the couple and asking nothing in return. Sakura's altruism was always one of her good points that I liked. Asami-chan's dad shows concern for her and her husband when he not only watched their house in their absence for the whole night but also gave them stomach bands to keep their stomachs cool.

Episode 14- Asami is told by her husband that he'll give her a reward for winning a 1000-meter race. Expecting that she'll get sex with him, she trained very hard only to find that the 1000 meter dash was cancelled due to heavy rain. But she still receives a reward for working hard. But it was not what she expected. It was an astrology book. At first she was disappointed but as Ichimaru said he had trouble finding the book. she was happy that she got a "reward from the heart."

Episode 15- Asami was asked by another student to star in an adult video. She was hesitant. However, whenever she thought about the video offer , she experiences ****ty/lusty feelings which should have been satisfied by Ichimaru's affection which did not yet happen. Because of her husband's negligence, her feelings of desire remain unanswered.

Episode 16- When the student who offered Asi a role in his video helped her, she decided to buy him an umbrella to replace his broken one. She learns that guy was Iwasaki-sensei's brother. She returns home with Iwasaki's umbrella, which she ironically bought for him. As Ichimaru arrives home too, he wonders about that new umbrella which was supposed to be for Iwasaki-kun, lying against the wall. Asami lied to him that it was her dad's umbrella. Deja vu. Asami lied to Ichimaru as he previously lied to her when he was out talking with Iwasaki-sensei. She didn't want him to worry.

Some episodes are worth a laugh. Other episodes are either annoying or a drag. Plus, Asami's husband is really pathetic as a man and even more pathetic as a husband. In overall, it's a decent series to watch.

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Wow. It seems like a good anime. Mabye i'll watch it.

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It is an unlicensed fansub. So you'd have to watch the fansubbed version since it's not licensed in the U.S.

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Ok. Mabye that won't be so bad.