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Reika Yagami
02-14-2006, 11:30 PM
hiya! does everybody watched the second series of Love Hina? ^^;

02-16-2006, 10:01 AM
Love Hina again...that was an OVA. Not Love Hina 2. There may not even be one (ever) but...(if there is one...LINKKK)
The anime was good...but not that good...there was no closer. The manga had closer, the anime had nothing.

02-16-2006, 10:50 AM
umm i am still reading the novels but I would love to watch Love Hina 2 that would be awsome. where did you find it?

02-22-2006, 12:33 AM
if you want love hina again i can tell you but i live in Australia.

i am aslo reading the novels though they are very very hard to find:<_<: :badrazz:

by the way was the anime the tv show?

and the manga the comic?

at least thats wat i think but i heard a rourmer that there will be a
Special on Naru's snd Keitaro's fuether relationship ans as the finally
there wedding but in the next post tell me about the anime/manga
it may seem dumb but please:) :)

02-22-2006, 06:58 AM
living in australia, really doesn't help me much (i live in florida).... actually i didn't find the novels anywhere i am borrowing my friend's.. but i am like you i want to find them as well just can't.... other than the manga i know there are dvds of the books.... but the rest i am clueless
still reading them so you gots to get an expert pm regulus he has them all

02-22-2006, 10:31 PM
did you know there is sorta a love hina 2 not in a manga though

it might be the novels though by the way do you know wat happens in the novels?

by the way wat happens in manga no.6 i can't find it anywhere
and i can only find 1 site ehich can sell you the manga other that
ebay and there alot cheaper if anyone is intrested tell me in your next post

and i heard this is a rourmer but "they" might be making a anime
version after LH Again where Keitaro's and Naru's relationship further grows
and after all get married sucha good ending i think do u ?:awe: :awe: :awe:

03-15-2006, 06:36 PM
if you want to watch the series, go to youtube.com. if you are going to watch them in english, this is the exact way to enter it in the search: love hina ep.# (the # means the episode number.) there is only a couple LHA episodes in english. i do not recommend this site for dialup users. it is long enough for high speed. when the window first opens up, hit pause and let the movie completely load. it might take about 20-30 minutes.

03-15-2006, 06:40 PM
i thought it was cool.

04-03-2006, 09:56 PM
Love Hina is a pretty good show I havent seen much of the manga but my bro owns some grachic novels.

04-13-2006, 07:50 AM
Love Hina 2... I think you mean Love Hina Again, which is, as Redfield said, an OVA with like... 3 episodes? The "art" was a bit different from Love Hina the TV-show... I'd say Love Hina Again is okay, Love Hina is good and the manga is the best. ;o