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11-28-2005, 03:13 PM
Hi all,

First off I'll just say, I've checked out many popular Anime-related sites, and the majority sadly don't allow linking to other fansites and such. I have looked throuhg the FAQs/rules here as much as I can but can't see any such rule.
If I have, in fact, missed said rule, please feel free to lock/delete/etc the thread, and accept my sincere apologies for posting links here.

So, I have a Chobits fansite. Most of you probably won't have heard about it, even though it's been up for ages, as I'm not good at getting traffic, but if you like Chobits, please feel free to check out the site!

In terms of content, it has a description of Anime in general and also specifically of Chobits. It has an episode synopsis for every ep, downloads of the soundtracks and episodes itself (Legal since Chobits is not yet licensed in the UK, where it is being hosted). It has wallpapers and stuff too :)

(Link has been removed)

Thanks all :)

11-28-2005, 04:01 PM
I do believe you're not allowed to make threads like this....You're allowed to advertise in your sig but thats it.

11-28-2005, 04:06 PM
Ah, I didn't see the rule for that. Sorry if that's the case, and if I've offended anyone. Feel free to lock/delete as appropriate if this is so ^_^

Side note though, it's a shame that very few forums allow site linking, after all that's what the Internet is all about, connecting your sites to other sites and vice-versa, to get and send traffic. I remember the good old days when linking wasn't only allowed, it was encouraged :)

Die Tod von Euch
11-28-2005, 05:56 PM
I was going to let this remain for now and check with one of the admins on if it could stay, but then I noticed where it said that soundtracks and episodes were available for download on the site. First of all, that's not legal even IF it's not yet liscensed in the UK...that's still a form of pirating. Not to mention that most of the people that come to this forum are not from the UK, and could very well be from a country where it has been released (such as the US...). Links to sites containing illegal downloading of anime and anime-related files is against the rules, period.

So...yeah. Locked, and will be removed later. Just wanted to make sure it was known exactly why it's going to go away.

And for the record, as Sword pointed out, this board (like most message boards) allows you to advertise your site in your sig. So, that means they DO allow linking... Just not entire threads dedicated to you telling the world you have a webpage... Keep it in your sig, and you'll be advertising it every time you post...imagine that.