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Kaitou Ace
11-13-2005, 12:09 PM
Erm, well they are mostly wallpaper sized, and I figure I can post them here to get some feedback on them ^_^;;

This one is currently at 800x600 but I will probably render a larger version later. The 800x600 is a good test size, and still takes 30 or more minutes to render, so I don't like making larger renders until I am completely happy with the product.

So the 2nd render in the series is attached here ^_^; (First render was the girl with a sword in the mascot contest thread)

The render has a bit of post-work done on it in Photoshop, mainly to make the colors a bit livelier, but thats about it.

Any opinions, suggestions, comments or brickbats?

11-13-2005, 06:51 PM
A bit busty isn't she! O.o Anywho, looking good, and I mean it, though her hair looks off, reminds me of a dolls hair. The rust effects on the fence look great, lighting and shading look great also. 8/10 if I were to rate it, little plain on the background but that's nothing major.

11-13-2005, 08:08 PM
what program did you use to render her? i've been trying to find one. it's quite nice, but a little blurry.

11-13-2005, 10:04 PM
Hmm well, I think the shadows are kind of strange. The shadows on her legs look really weird, and I'm not sure if she's standing up against the fence(?) or not. The lighting direction on the clouds also seems a bit weird, but that might be just me. It's kind of strange because some parts of her look really realistic while others are obviously anime-style, so I'm not quite sure how to comment on that. The sky could use a bit more to fill in the empty space. Still, a better render than I could pull off haha ^^

Kaitou Ace
11-14-2005, 07:46 PM
Ah ty for the feedback ^_^;;
The character is modeled in Poser 6 and rendered in Vue d' Esprit 5, because that rendering engine seems easier on my system then the poser one.
Hair, hai, needs a bit of work, actualy most poser hairs get glued together a bit with vue, thats something I am working on.
She is standing about 4 feet from the fence, but the camera is nearly on the ground, looking up at an angle to get the effect. Also the fence continues around her, making two 90 degree angles, and those probly account for the stranger shadows. I can try to mess with them.

The blur effect is actualy me in photoshop, I just wanted to soften the background a bit and bring more emphasis to the character. And there are multiple lights in the scene (no shadows on the clouds tho O_o; they are set not to accept them, plus they are too high up)

Actualy the main reason for the empty space is that I was tempted to use this image as a business card, and as such it would need empty nearly neutral space for the text. Also I didn't want to put another tree in, as I've had too many trees in my other renders.

Like this one. This is my halloween render, that I am showing off a bit late, but still. It's more wallpaper-sized, so that fits in here better also.

Once again, Poser figures, Vue trees and render engine. Photoshop for a few of the effects.

I've actualy attached two versions. The first is the final version, while the second is an alternate version with more photoshop work. I used the blur filter, with a few others to give it more of a drawn look, but in the end went with the other image. Feedback on both or either is always appreciated ^_^;

11-14-2005, 10:29 PM
Very nice indeed, halloween one, lighting is excelent I think, and is that the moon in the top left? If not then you could do with a moon so you can see a silhouet of it shinning through, yes I do think a stonger moon lighting would do it justice though iy may clash with the glow of the orb.

Ah well that sure explains such an open space.

11-15-2005, 12:06 AM
OMG! these are amazing! how do you make these?
very pretty...i like the very first one...what's her name?(just wandering...Heh:D)
good job! a total A+ work! keep up the good work!:)

Kaitou Ace
11-15-2005, 01:00 AM
Heh that is the moon in the top corner there. Thing is, it's a light source, and when I made it brighter, it back-lit too many things. I may mess a bit more with it still tho ^_^;;

And ty, the girl doesn't have a name yet ^_^;; I haven't come up with one. Although she may end up being the site mascot for us, I'm not at that point yet.

11-17-2005, 06:11 PM
Wow, you're good at that.

I love how realistic, yet not, everything looks. Like the bars on the fence, they look so good, and the rust is a nice touch.

Lol, she's my hero. The gun is a cute touch. Me likey.

The girl in the second one looks so mystical. It's also a nice touch. I think it's the eyes, they're alluring, and somehow mysterious. I LOVE it! <.3

Actually, her breasts are average size. That makes me happy, because I hate hate hate it when guys (and some girls) makes girls, and their breasts are gigantic, you could kill 2 civilizations with them. Lol, I make myself giggle.

You seem to be very good at this. I want to see more. O_O

12-18-2006, 04:36 PM
this is very nice. i also do cg art. however I can't do any post work for my images b/c I dont have a program to do it with. when i first saw the pic i thought you used Maya Doll or Anime Doll. I like Daz's Aiko3 myself. what is your favorite figure?

12-18-2006, 09:55 PM
just an fyi, this topic is over a year old and I'm not sure how much CGing he is doing anymore.