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Princess Garnet
05-12-2005, 03:12 PM
Hi everybody!!!!!

Does anyone here like Card Captor Sakura (I believe that you love CCS but...)

If you like CCS what's your favourite character?

05-12-2005, 04:46 PM
I like Li Meilin.
Sometimes she can be bratty though.
But I don't like her with Syaoran.
He and Sakura are better together in my opinion.

05-12-2005, 06:53 PM
I love ccs!! Tomoyo is my favorite character ^___^

Princess Garnet
05-13-2005, 11:06 AM
I agree that Syaron and Sakura are better together than Syaron and Meilin. But I think that Meilin is a little anoying but this is just my opinion.


05-13-2005, 05:36 PM
Sorry, there are plenty of topics on CCS already, so I'm closing this.