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12-16-2004, 12:13 PM
hiya im new my friend Zakuro told me about this place and i like it so far

12-16-2004, 12:45 PM
Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenidos, & Bienvenuto
Have fun, read and follow the rules.
Any questions, feel free to PM me.

Your friendly mod,

~ Myrra

12-16-2004, 12:52 PM
Welcome to Anime Forum, have fun posting, writing new threads, and making friends.

12-16-2004, 12:57 PM

Hello welcome

12-16-2004, 02:04 PM
Welcome! I hope you have fun here. If you need anything, just ask!:cool:

black roses
12-16-2004, 02:43 PM
hey welcome this place is fun and i hope you will always have fun here^^

12-16-2004, 03:42 PM
Have FUn HEre .

Flaming Child3
12-16-2004, 04:29 PM
Hi i just started 2
I love this game so far

12-16-2004, 05:52 PM
welcome 2 anime forums

Mew Zakuro
12-17-2004, 07:27 PM
Hey there welcome thanks for joining *huggs her friend*

12-17-2004, 07:31 PM
Hello and welcome, Excelfan17. Happy Surfing! :)

12-17-2004, 08:17 PM
hi im Kera happy your here have fun and dont get in trouble message me anytime if you want:p

12-17-2004, 09:35 PM
Welcome.. hope you enjoy your stay.

Need any help, ask me..

I'm nice, as long as I have my mask on.

12-17-2004, 09:36 PM
Happy surfing and I hope you enjoy your stay.. I would be happy to befriend you if you like

12-17-2004, 09:55 PM
Yay, newbie!!! *eats*

Welcome, have fun, look around, don't touch anything, spam and die, you break it you buy it, void where prohibited, check out the arcade, no running, watch your step, spam and die, and Merry Christmas. ^^

Demon Hunter Dante
12-19-2004, 11:52 AM
Welcome and i hope you enjoy your stay!!!!!

12-19-2004, 11:56 AM
Wow if enough people join today i'll be champion
*gets hit* oh theres no prize for intros
well hello dont mind me getting hit it happens all the time hahahahaha *gets hit*

12-21-2004, 04:05 PM
Hope ya have fun here

12-21-2004, 04:08 PM
hiya im new my friend Zakuro told me about this place and i like it so far
Bloody hell! *Shakes head and splutters* Soo many people that are new here! Well, I hope you have a fun time here, love and dunna forget to follow the rules! Hope you dunt have too much of a fun time here, love! *Winks and grins*

12-21-2004, 04:17 PM
Hi and welcome to the fourms.Have fun!:) :welcome:

12-21-2004, 08:31 PM
hi there fellow excel fan!!! welcome to af hope you have fun here and enjoy your stay if you have any questions or if you just wanna talk *wink* msg me on aim

01-27-2005, 12:46 AM
hey wutz up? shu-chan here, im pretty new myself . i would like to be your bud too! the best thing is to follow the rules and making friends should be a breeze! well talk to ya later.http://animeforum.com/images/smilies/cool.gif

01-27-2005, 07:34 AM
Hi. Welcome to the forum. I hope you have a lot of fun here. I know I have. If you need anything or just want to chat private message me sometime and I will be happy to answer you. My goal is to make as many friends as I can and I am considering starting a sig family of my own. ^_^ Ja Ne

01-27-2005, 07:39 AM
i'm sort of a newbie myself hehehe ^_^; well have fun n stuff. so far its been okay.


macus alexander bogart
01-27-2005, 07:43 AM
hi excelfan17

01-28-2005, 08:07 PM
hiya im new my friend Zakuro told me about this place and i like it so far
People call me a newb for some reason...but i kno alot about this place and everything so im not all that new right...ok,ok,i dont know how to get my sig to work but thats ALL!....anyways, welcome!