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12-13-2013, 08:39 PM
Obviously the way the series panned out wasn't acceptable to everyone-

So what would you have done to make it end better?

Me-I'd do a few different things. On one hand I would have wrapped it all up and ended it after the Shichinintai (Seven Man Group) arch

On the other hand-My bf and I changed how the story went years and years ago through RP games. It'd take too long to explain exactly what we did-

but in a nutshell Naraku didn't *actually* die instead he kind of sank underground and came back to wreak havoc in the modern era. Kikyou was given a new body to live on as a normal woman, Sango and Miroku began a neo-taijiya village and Shippou moved in with them, Kouga went angry evil for a long time-but eventually settled and mated Ayame, Sesshoumaru had rocky relationship attempts that all failed and Inuyasha and Kagome wed and moved into an estate on an Eastern mountain and work as taijiya mercenaries as well as protect a pair of villages at the foot of the mountain.

Anyone else have changing ideas?