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07-01-2004, 10:30 PM
which one is better this one
any suggestions

07-01-2004, 10:31 PM
or this one any suggestions

07-01-2004, 11:04 PM
second one, because the characters are profile on the wallpaper, theyre a bit bigger too so the wp doesnt seem empty

07-01-2004, 11:18 PM
I second that. The first is way too empty.

07-01-2004, 11:53 PM
Yea definetely the second one. Maybe add in some flower petals or leaves, so it has a bit more depth. Also, 800x600 is a little small, so maybe set the size to 1024x768 ^_^

07-02-2004, 09:11 AM
Both are good but the second fits more. I think adding some trees with falling leaves would give a nice romantic feel.

07-02-2004, 12:25 PM
okay i added a rose in the back of the leaves or should i bring it to the front?

07-02-2004, 01:49 PM
Bring the rose to the front. Flowers should dominate leaves :lol: in this case. Or maybe get rid of the leaf in the middle leaving just the rose. See if it looks good first. :)

07-02-2004, 02:41 PM
yeah i can hardly see the rose, no point in having it if its not noticeable, so bring it to the front.

Xian Pu
07-02-2004, 04:23 PM
I like it a lot. My only gripe is that it's monochrome. Maybe, just maybe tweak the color levels a bit and add some color? *shrug*

07-02-2004, 06:56 PM
okay this one looks a little fake with the real flower i should have done somthing else but well here. okay

07-02-2004, 11:15 PM
I liked it before the flower

07-02-2004, 11:48 PM
In the other post with the balck and white rose bring it to the front.

07-03-2004, 10:40 AM
in my opinion, u shld go a step back... the white rose made the chars look like u cut and paste very obviously as where the step before it is slightly less obvious

07-03-2004, 01:46 PM
okay hows this

07-03-2004, 05:41 PM
I think you should smooth out the extraction.. you took out a small chunk of the guy's shirt and they are a bit crunchy around their extraction. Also the image is a grainy as well around the rose. Somehow the rose doesn't fit with the image.

07-03-2004, 07:34 PM
i think you should go back with the leaves.

KJ Killa
07-03-2004, 08:20 PM
I perfer the first one...just make the characters bigger on it...

07-03-2004, 11:22 PM
i think u should go with the leaves one and eddit the white grain on the edges and get rid of the grain and smoth them out....i like it its pretty ^^

Pina Colada
07-05-2004, 12:14 AM
the second one is better looking I think

07-06-2004, 09:59 AM
lol its like debugging u&#39;ll never stop.. how abt an anime rose instead >_<