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02-26-2013, 06:48 PM
Okay so I've recently stumbled across this little gem- Ain't Afraid To Die. Probably one of the BEST Cowboy Bebop fan-fics I've ever read. No. The best fan-fic ever. Period.

Here's a link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2910150/1/Ain-t-Afraid-to-Die

Heck. I'll give yall an except just in case your too lazy to go to the link.

She had called it, of course. What was the point bringing in Ed if she would just get in the way? Radical Edward she was, not Gun-Toting, Gung-Ho Edward. Her place was on the Bebop and they should have left her there.

Faye Valentine kept her hand firmly across Ed's mouth, the younger girl pressed to her side, the both of them cowering against a cold steel wall, her weapon in the hand closest to the edge of the wall. All around red lights were blinking and the siren had been set off. Intruders. Of course they were intruders. It figured something like this would happen. When they were after a bounty as large as they were, when would something like this not happen? She inhaled deeply, closing her eyes for a moment and breathing to three. At four another gunshot rent the air, chipping into the wall where she stood with the hacker. She glanced down at Ed and the girl looked up at her with large eyes. And she didn't look the least bit scared, her expression one of wonder. She clutched Tomato against her chest, her goggles hitched on her head of wild red hair and Faye looked away once more, cursing yet again.

Would bounty hunting ever get easier?

She craned her neck a bit from her position in the hallway. It had intersected with another hallway and Spike had already made it passed, from their hallway down the twenty feet to the right turn the intersecting hallway took. As she hesitated he appeared again, crouched down that far right turn, shooting off three shots before hiding back once more.

"Faye!" he shouted from around the corner.

"What?" she demanded, yelling right back. Damn him for this. Damn him for a lot of things.

"You need to move now! I took down two of them but they're regrouping, come on!" he replied, his voice echoing throughout the cold hallways.

"Ok, ok, ok," Faye chanted quietly and she swallowed. She peeked around the corner and down that long hallway were more of the gunmen, coming from all different intersecting hallways. She cursed as a bullet struck the wall inches from her face, chipping off pieces of metal, and she pulled back into her own hallway. "Shit, Spike, are you covering me or what?" she cried out and she looked down at Ed once more, not bothering to wait for his answer even as he flung it toward her.
Status: Complete
Rating: T-M.
Chapters: 43

This seriously could be like the continuation to Bebop, it's flawless in my opinion, then again there' are many purists out there and many fanatics who think Bebop should remain untouched.

Which one are you? Personally, a bebop continuation can and can't work, but I think if people take a moment to read that fic that I gave yall- even just the except, you'll see why I'm so fixated on a continuation.