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06-10-2004, 07:02 PM
Okay, here goes yet another post attempt. This one is about Ayashi No Ceres, or as you may have heard it, just plain Ceres. Ceres is one of those anime/manga bits that fall into many catagories here on teh site but is truly classified as a plain Shoujo. It's the mystical/romace about a family named Mikage and how one set of twins change their curse forever.

From generation to generation, the Mikage had been plauged by Ceres, a celestial maiden who returned time and time again in young Mikage girls. Each time Ceres returned, she sought vengence for her stolen Hogoromo (or celestial robe) and for her being raped when she was trapped on Earth. Eventually, the Mikage family learned how to keep her from coming back but one year, they failed to catch her in time and Aya Mikage became Ceres' new body.

Toya (As in ten nights) ends up becoming Aya's object of affection. In the story, he saves her tail a number of times unknown by the anyone - Ceres, Aya, or Toya. When Aya's twin brother, Aki, becomes the "Progenetor" Mikage (the man that started all this curse mess) A single gift from Toya becomes Aya's savior (go Toya!!)

The Romance of the whole story doesn't truly begin until DVD 2 (collector's version). Ceres is available in a total of four disks if you buy the collector's, version. I'm not too sure about the number in the other version, but i'ts up there. There is a total of 24 episodes, 12 eps each set, 6 per disk. The artist is Yu Watasi, master of the acclaimed Fushi Yugi and the outstanding new manga, Alice 19th.

Ceres is an outstadning anime that i recommend for any Romance/Action/Shoujo fan.

06-19-2004, 03:34 AM
cool, u gave a nice explantion/speech/review. u should review it on some site somewhere :^_^: