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05-18-2012, 09:43 PM
Hi in this topic I will discuss my personal view about ego also the immaturity of man and I believe that ego is by-product of misery and not part of natural part of life.

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The people in the society today seem hard hearted and heavy because of ego. Society believed that one should be strong only then you can defend themselves against the evil people which are very common because if you can defend yourself you are less likely to be attacked like a king in inside the much closed castle you cannot be penetrated by attackers.

But if people are closed they are start dying as far as aliveness is concern because aliveness needs light just like a plant that needs sunlight and rain but they will wither and die if they are inside the castle the plant is safe inside the castle but lack the source of nourishment but if its outside you cannot guarantee its safety but it can get its nourishment It is also the same to the people. so people has to be strong, serious and lives with ego they refused to be soft because they will become opened to attacks.

Why Ego isn’t real:

Ego seems always go with being closed and since people are naturally soft and light inside I don’t believe that ego is natural part of human being they are just invention of the heavy hearted people to closed themselves against evil and immature people who assault on them and society punish anyone who dares.

Immaturity, evil and perversion:

We know that anyone who have this no longer sees other people as people they see them as evil and I believe the moral side also share the same blame for their existence, see thread: http://www.animeforum.com/showthread.php?108927-Theory-both-the-morality-and-evil-side-are-wrong

Watch if a woman doing something absurd like showing interest to a man or she wants a man to enjoy her body and I believe this is the very nature of a woman. But moralist and society will condemn her, they will tell she’s a prostitute, a whore, immoral, uneducated, etc but this is the very nature of a woman. But since evil people and perverted egoist man are common they too will ruin the woman because if the woman lives in the real face they will become vulnerable to attacks from both the evil and moralist. That’s why most woman lives in Ego. Innocence disappears, softness disappears, woman now a day are heavy, they are no longer light, and they are now dull.

Evil vs. moralist - situation for woman:

Let’s assume that the woman’s are soft and innocent. Like I said evil man are common they too are heavy they wants to possess woman, they see women as toys and will not show respect and the woman is defenseless. Then here comes the other side the moralist their duty is to safeguard woman with the help of society by making them strong. People says that the evil side is the one who destroys the woman but it’s actually both evil and moralist is doing it!

Dignity misunderstands as Ego:

Now let’s now assume a woman who is in moral side, a man like, solid, and temperamental. If she’s is very closed in cloth she is “respected” by moralist the more the show off the less respected by moralist. If for example an evil man show her in public naked the woman will feel great shame to her self because its was now a fixed idea in her but if an innocent woman happened to be in situation I don’t think there will be any shame she will say “so what this is my reality” there will be no shame like there was nothing going on in fact as far as nudity is concern both the moral people and perverted people perceives in immature way if both types disappears there will be nothing going on at all the reality doesn’t side on either of them.

There was a movement in the west advocating nudity in both private and public they call the movement “nudism” or “Naturism” their view seems also share mine but not exactly, sees http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturism their goal is to make people mature and less perverted from nudity but like I said my view is not exact theirs because it seems they want to be nude all the time and my view is that the clothes purpose is to protect the body not to cover it. If the weather is cold the cloth can help if you going to walk to hills shoes can help it’s really nothing there in nudity.

Moralist claims dignity and ego as the same but they actually different. Dignity is being standing on own feet, ego is domination from others, dignity is respect out of being real, ego is respect out of being hard, Dignity is lively ego is being dead.

As for me I want to restore the woman as they should be and also makes the men also natural as they should be. And as for the moral side they made a wrong move

05-19-2012, 03:01 AM
Soft and light on the inside isn't deemed concrete and shows little contrast to ego, in my opinion. If ego is the manifestation of the heavy hearted or boastful, then it becomes as real as human emotion. If you think of ego as a sort of temporary branch from our mental awareness tree, which I think you had in mind, then it might not be real after all. But, it is real if it exist in at least one person. Again, my opinion only and not something I would put up for debate.

Dignity, which could be compared to honor, I guess is the opposite of shame. But despite it's dominant positive connotation, I think there is a hint of pride in dignity, in a sense that one does not want to lower their morals, and even egos.

Hollow Ichigo
05-20-2012, 09:26 AM
Dignity can be corrupted as well. You have have the Dignity to open a Lady's door before she enters. Then again you may proceive dignity as slautghering thousands. Ego, dignity, morals....they are all based on how one proceives it. Therefore one cannot call one light or one dark, living, dead, correct, wrong, good, evil, because in the end it is nothing but your own interpretation of such concepts.