View Full Version : All Anime Fans Around The World: Say Your Season Greeting!! ASAP!

12-10-2011, 03:26 PM
Note:Those who signup need to do your voice recording ASAP! I need them in under a week. No procrastinating allowed! ^_^
Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this btw!

[What I'm Making]
I'm making a huge Christmas/winter themed amv featuring many anime series, holiday music and fitting music from various VNs and even a OC Remix. The project is planned to be 56 minutes not including intro/outro and special segments.

[What I Need]
Now the reason I'm positing here is that for 2 special segments in the video, I want to have season greetings style voice messages from tons of anime fans from all over the world and I'm trying to get as many people as possible interested in doing one.
All this requires is you recording a short (like 10 seconds or less) voice message and that would only take a small amount of your time.
The AMV is planned to be released mid this month and its a good opportunity for you to take part in something with many other anime fans all over the globe.
So far I've been getting submissions from Spain, Germany, Japan and more parts of the world and I'd love to have more in this!
Anyone that has access to a mic is welcome to join in this.
For those that are unsure how the season greetings are suppose to be, here are
some examples already submitted from other participants:

Full Details in video:

Note: You can also post your submissions here or PM me here if you don't have a youtube account.
Also, messages can be said in any language.