View Full Version : Is the Rebuild of Evangelion worth watching?

10-02-2011, 08:18 PM
I finally finished all the episodes and watched the End of Evangelion movie now. And sense I have finished it I'm just wondering if the Rebuilds are any good. I did like the series (though both the tv and movie endings in my opinion are kinda a slap in the face by Hideaki Annos phallus) and I just want to hear if it is worth watching the new stuff. O and no spoilers please lol

10-03-2011, 11:51 AM
Seeing how the endings rushed on the movie and tv episodes the remake is definitely worth it.

12-25-2011, 11:50 AM
If you liked the original, then you'll probably enjoy the remake.

01-11-2012, 09:45 PM
I think you should watch it if you really like this anime, cause you can't tell how you feel when you are looking at your favorite thing come out in a similar but different way

01-12-2012, 12:43 AM

1.0 is a standard retelling of the series up to Ramiel, with a couple tweaks, but 2.0 just goes off the rails and kicks butt SO GODDAMN MUCH. If you can get your hands on the Rebuild series, please do so.

03-17-2012, 04:57 PM
you're not missing anything if you don't watch them. You could just move onto other anime. apparently the next rebuild movies will change the plot though.

08-29-2012, 08:41 AM
Being a big fan of the original series and movies, I could do without Rebuild. The characters just aren't nearly as interesting to me. It also bothered me that they included some of the same scenes, but completely changed the content of them. I guess you could say the Rebuild series is a little more user friendly and doesn't get particularly deep.

10-08-2014, 08:02 AM
Ok so 1.0 was "ehh alright"

2.0 was just glorious for me, I remember watching it on Toonami at like 2:00am when I was on vacation with my friend. We were like "What is this awesomeness?" we watched that all night and then I watched 1.0 a bit later because 2.0 was what I saw first xD

As for 3.0? Honestly, I didn't even know wtf I was watching half of the time haha.