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09-01-2011, 07:47 PM
Right, there hasn't been a lot of activity here recently, but lets change that. Challenge threads are on their way! Simply put, challenge threads can be one of two things.

A. Challenging a certain member (or multiple members) to a gfx-off. You give rules, and both of you go for it. After the entries are posted, you can either have a poll to vote, or just talk about stuff. You can set a certain date, make tournaments, and the like.

B. A challenge in general. an example would be "use more than 10 C4D's", "Fix this .PSD", "recreate this sig" and so on and so forth. If anyone wants to do these, they just post their outcome in the thread, and if they want feedback, ask for it. You can start more than one challenge at a time, but just don't do too many at once (like 4 in a week would be a lot).

So yeah, feel free to post your own thread challenging the rest of the world to do their best (or worst :p). Just put [Challenge] somewhere in the thread title. If this picks up, I might get rid of the monthly projects (I don't really like them much).

And on another note, feel free to invite anybody who has an interest in graphics to join. The group is open, so don't slack! ;)

The rest of this thread is just for questions, comments and whatever.