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07-28-2011, 11:23 PM
Hi, I really suck at this introduction stuff so sorry if it's crappy.

My name is Zero. I love anime, but don't have many friends that watch it sadly T-T which I hope will change. I'm 23 and just finished my Associates Degree in IT Support. I also really like cars and pretty much anything outdoors (boating/fishing etc) oh... and anime.... or did I already say that? o.O;

07-28-2011, 11:33 PM
Konnichiwa Zero!!! Welcome to the AF family ^-^ I'm a huge car buff too.

07-28-2011, 11:41 PM
Hey hey and welcome :)

07-29-2011, 12:03 AM
Welcome to AF, Zero
Enjoy your stay here and have fun.

07-29-2011, 12:06 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

07-29-2011, 12:39 AM
Welcome to AF dude. :D
Hope you enjoy your stay!

07-29-2011, 01:28 AM
Hello and Welcome to AF, Have fun and enjoy!

PS: Don't worry about introductions, I'm not too good with them either. ;)

07-29-2011, 09:09 AM
Welcome to AF!
Have lots of fun and enjoy your stay with us :3

07-29-2011, 09:18 AM
Hello there :3
Welcome to AF
Hope we can be friends ^^
have fun

07-29-2011, 09:20 AM
Everyone seems so nice here. :D

Ezza Obsuna
07-30-2011, 05:25 AM
Hi there. It's true that everyone's nice here. A little snobbish and strict sometimes but nice nonetheless. Welcome to af.

07-30-2011, 05:34 AM
Hey there new member! Welcome to the forum.

Enjoy your time here. ^^

07-30-2011, 07:52 AM
Hey there and welcome to AF x)

07-30-2011, 11:04 AM
Ello poppet~ Hope you enjoy it here. ^,^

Nee, I'm not good with introductions either :3
<(o3o;;<) *has a flashback of her introduction* //shot/

07-30-2011, 11:32 AM
Welcome to AF!

Why not influence your friends with anime? And don't worry, you've come to the right place to find anime-loving friends. (:


The Rebel
08-10-2011, 12:57 PM
*Runs in and hands you a blanket* Don't lose this, okay? OH, and hello, welcome to animeforum. Try and post often, but PLEASE follow the rules as well. If you need any help or just want to chat, feel free to message me. I hope you enjoy your stay here,,, and be careful. *looks around and speaks quietly* Seems there is a cannibal running around biting our new members, just so you know. Well, I'll let you get back to exploring the forum then, laterz. *shakes your hand and take a bite out of you* Mmmm, yummy.