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07-13-2011, 11:33 AM
My name is Fox and looking for friends especially people who have MSN/Skype :D or something. I'm kind of pissed that in real life I only got 2 friends who loves anime and stuff, but well yeah....I need more anime/rp buddies <.<......-Whispers.-


07-13-2011, 11:36 AM
Welcome to AF Fox
Enjoy your stay here and have fun.

07-13-2011, 12:30 PM
Welcome to AF!
Have lots of fun and enjoy your stay with us :3

07-13-2011, 01:52 PM
Welcome. ^_^

Enjoy the forums.

07-13-2011, 03:14 PM
Hello and welcome :)

07-13-2011, 03:19 PM
Welcome to AF hope you enjoy it here. I would love getting to know you. I like meeting new people. :)
See ya around.

07-13-2011, 04:33 PM
Welcome Fox to AF enjoy your stay

The Rebel
07-16-2011, 12:35 PM
Hello, and welcome to animeforum. Hope you enjoy your stay, and post often. Normally I'd greet and eat you,,, but I'm pretty full right now so you luck out, lol. Enjoy, and see you around the forum.