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05-25-2011, 12:04 AM

Hello I'm Idiom! I really enjoy Anime, and role-playing/text based rpgs. One of my favorite anime is One Piece. I know some people don't like One Piece because they find it stupid or "kiddish", but as stupid as it seems - its got a lot more gore then Bleach and Naruto. One Piece has dying protagonists, wars, balanced fights, a good time skip, unique personalities and abilities, and its pretty EPIC. I also like Naruto, I know its "overrated" for liking it since there are already so many people out there that like Naruto. I also like Bleach, but Bleach seems kind of "over powered" comparing some of the characters in bleach shows how some characters are UBER, and characters that seem uber are less uber when compared to those that are UBER. Confusing? heres an example (Ichigo, and Byakuya. Ichigo is what? a human that achieved bankai in 3 days and beats captains? Not to mention his Final Getsuga which ummm destroys everything?) or (Aizen and Gin. How much more haxs can it be when Aizen screws up Gin's elaborate plan in mere seconds and just walks away like nothing really happened.)

Well thats my opinion on Anime. :ninja:

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Welcome to AF Idiom
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Hello there new member, welcome to AF!

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Welcome to AF!
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Welcome to AF
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Welcome to AF!

Well, I don't think you should care if an anime/manga is overrated or not. Plus, they are on going animes so they probably built that reputation and a lot of people appeal to it.

Have fun.

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Hey hey and welcome :)

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Welcome! ^^ You have good taste in anime. =3 I hope you enjoy the forum.

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Hai, welcome to AF. Feel free to add me as a friend if you want ^-^

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east or west
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George A. Natoli
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Hello welcome im also new here my name is george...
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Welcome aboard, and hope you stick around awhile. If you need any help or just want to chat, feel free to message me.
NORMALLY, I'd gnaw on you or something,,, but I'm sick right now and don't feel like spreading my illness, so you luck out, LOL.
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Welcome to AF idiom! Hope you enjoy what your here for~