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  1. Samurai Champloo
  2. Anyone ever heard of Samurai Deeper Kyo?
  3. Whats ur Fav Inuyasha Movie-1-2 or 3
  4. CYOC: Create your own character
  5. Samurai
  6. historical fiction manga
  7. What would happen if Inu-Yasha met Kenshin?
  8. Rules- Read or die
  9. anime king
  10. Who read Kenshin for accustom?
  11. InuYasha vs Naruto
  12. Inuyasha or Naruto
  13. Whose the koolest character in Naruto
  14. !!! yondaime alive?
  15. Naruto is good
  16. Naruto Is the Best then
  17. Kikyo Is'nt Dead
  18. Kikyo or kagome
  19. Who you would switch places from any people from any Feudal Era Anime?
  20. naruto and more names
  21. Whos Better With The Bow And Arrow??
  22. Looking for Inuyasha music
  23. [Mod] Reminder/Update
  24. Basilisk
  25. Which sword whould you be?
  26. Kenshin rules
  27. Samurai X [SPOILERS]
  28. Kenshin's OvA
  29. What Feudal Weapon would you be?
  30. Kenshin villians
  31. For Kenshin Watchers
  32. Utawaremono Favorite character.
  33. Favorite Kenshin Character.
  34. Kiba
  35. The best fightscene inthe series
  36. Ninja Scroll Thread....
  37. Scrapped Princess: Discuss
  38. Fake
  39. Vagabond !?!?!?
  40. Samurai X:director's cut
  41. Samurai 7
  42. Kenshin Kaden?
  43. Afro samurai
  44. banya
  45. Oh Edo Rocket!
  46. Can any one tell me the title of this anime
  47. Berserk
  48. Character Planet: The Exclusive Network for Online Gamers
  49. Bakimatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
  50. Lone Wolf and Cub
  51. Toonami
  52. Carried by the Wind: Tsukikage Ran
  53. Flame of Recca: Which flame dragons you want to be?
  54. Who is the Greatest?
  55. What is feudal? READ ME
  56. reflections ova
  57. What's better, the anime or the manga?
  58. Just wondering...
  59. Gintama
  60. Whys it called samurai X
  61. shonen onmyoji
  62. PeaceMaker Kurogane
  63. Basilisk
  64. saiunkoku monogatari, anyone??
  65. Favourite samurai champloo episode
  66. Shura no Toki
  67. what anime charactor do you look like?
  68. What anime character would you marry
  69. Girls love Seijuro Hiko
  70. Vampire Knight
  71. Kenshin
  72. need help finding the name of this
  73. locked and locked?
  74. go kenshin
  75. Who would win in a fight: Naruto or Rorouni Kenshin?
  76. Found a great anime/manga site
  77. Feudal Rules [New] READ OR ELSE.
  78. Need help saw long time ago and don't remember title
  79. Shigurui
  80. Tomoe or Kenshin
  81. ninja scroll vs Samurai Deeper Kyo
  82. Rank the skills of the people in Rurouni Kenshin from the best to the worst...
  83. Samurai Deeper Kyo
  84. samurai champloo
  85. samurai shamploo **S P O I L ER **
  86. Mushi Shi
  87. Gensomaden Saiyuki.
  88. Peacekeeper Kurogane
  89. I have a confession (spoilers)
  90. Samurai Deeper Kyo -- Manga
  91. need help for anime
  92. Good anime?
  93. Ideas on going to the feudal area!
  94. looking for a good adventure story
  95. Berserk......TV series?
  96. Rurouni Kenshin movie?
  97. did you know?
  98. searching for manga need help
  99. serious samurai
  100. samurai x?
  101. What is the name of the final song played in episode 95?
  102. Favorite Feudal Era Weapon
  103. Wait a minute
  104. Inuyasha VS Kenshin
  105. Pink-haired girl
  106. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Jrohanihoheto
  107. The Almighty Gintama Thread
  108. Samurai Gun
  109. Older Yahiko against Kenshin
  110. Samurai 7!!
  111. Who do you like Kenshin with?
  112. Moribito: Gaurdian of the Spirit: Anyone Seen It
  113. Rp here!!
  114. Whoevever is online come here!!(P.s. It is the same rules as *Rp here!!*
  115. Everyone, I need recommendation
  116. Movie "Shinobi" and Basilisk Kouga Ninpochou
  118. Anyone know the name of this anime/manga?
  119. Berserk Pics
  120. Fanfiction Contest: An Unlikely Pair
  121. anime a bit like kenshin OVA
  122. What!!?
  123. New Manga From The Creator Of Rurouni Kenshin!
  124. Who is this Ninja?
  125. Whose fighting technique did you like the most?
  126. Ronin Warriors
  127. Who is this guy?
  128. What kind of weapon would you like the best?
  129. Lone Wolf and Cub Style
  130. Shanaou Yoshitsune
  131. Any Basilisk Fans?
  132. Simple query: Afro Samurai vs, Jin and/or Mugen (Samurai Champloo)??
  133. Balsa's (Moribito: Gaurdian of the Spirit) question
  134. Samurai Gun
  135. Katsuya Terada's The Monkey King (manga)
  136. Naruto vs. Inuyasha
  137. grave of the fireflies
  138. Favourite Samurai Champloo character and why?
  139. Who would win if Sanosuke and Mugen were to fight?
  140. Which warrior from the past before the modern weapon(guns) era, would you like to be?
  141. Rurouni Kenshin Season 3
  142. Guin Saga
  143. Rurouni Kenshin
  144. Princess Mononoke
  145. Souten Kouro
  146. Rurouni Kenshin
  147. Afro Samurai
  148. Just started watching Samaurai Champloo
  149. Kenshin Jinchu Arc
  150. Seven-Tails Jinchuriki: Boy or Girl?
  151. New Advanced Natures?
  152. Need Help Identifying an Anime.. (Possible Spoilers)
  153. Flaw in the storyline?!
  154. Goku vs Superman
  155. Peacemaker Kurogane
  156. Can't remember the name of a Japanese Anime?
  157. Best Feudal Era fight scene?
  158. Sengoku BAsara (Kasuga scene question)
  159. Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma
  160. Does...
  161. Mugen's face
  162. Naruto Ship. on Disney XD (Bad or Good?)
  163. Need help to find a anime please=)
  164. Blade of the Immortal
  165. Does the RK anime get better?
  166. I need some Naruto Manga. Please help.
  167. new to anime. any suggestions
  168. Naruto vs pain leaked or a fan made version ?
  169. House of Five Leaves
  171. House of Five Leaves
  172. Afro-Samurai
  173. Read a manga a year ago, wondering if there's an anime, can't remember the name...
  174. Looking for new anime to get into
  175. Vagabond
  176. My creator owned Manga Yankee Kobudo
  177. Ninja Scroll
  178. First video from the new Berserk anime!
  179. Samerai deeper eyes kyo
  180. Good ninja anime?
  181. Please help me, whats the name of this Anime and where can I get it
  182. Battle royale
  183. Does anyone know if Inuyasha has come back to america?
  184. Rurouni Kenshin
  185. Katanagatari
  186. Berserk - 2010
  187. See if you know this anime...
  188. Requiem From The Darkness
  189. Who is your favourite character of inuyasha and why?
  190. anime like sword of the stranger?
  191. Ever heard of Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan?
  192. Let's Discuss - Basilisk
  193. whats a good samurai anime?
  194. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  195. kakashi mangekyou sharingan
  196. Fushigi Yuugi
  197. Kiku Ninja Boy
  198. Bleach on tv? :D
  199. What's this anime?
  200. Onigamiden (Legend of the Millennium Dragon)
  201. Samurai Shodown: Rise of the Blades
  202. anybody knows an anime similiar to Kenichi te strongest disciple?
  203. anybody knows an anime similiar to Kenichi te strongest disciple?
  204. kabuto the anime movie
  205. Hi there
  206. Who are your favourite naruto characters ? And who are the characters you hate
  207. If you could be one character from any Feudal Era Anime?
  208. does anybody know the name of this anime
  209. Looking for a show I watched when I was younger
  210. Naruto: The Good and the Bad
  211. Shigurui
  212. Kenshin movie!
  213. Request tips/suggestions of series that might be in my taste!
  214. Rappi Rangai? (aka Ninja Girls)
  215. What will happen if Sasuke have to battle with Inuyasha
  216. Best art & visuals?
  217. Requiem From the Darkness
  218. Viking anime
  219. Gintama
  220. Which anime would you recommend to a 'fuedal-newbie'?
  221. Basalisk
  222. Can someone help me I.D. this anime?
  223. What's with the phrase "punk" in Anime
  224. Any Ideas For A New Anime? ヽ(ー`)┌
  225. Any Ideas For A New Anime? ヽ(ー`)┌
  226. sgt frog
  227. who's your favorite bleach characters? and which character do you hate the most.
  228. That the bloodlines got somewhat mixed.
  229. any reccomandations?
  230. Sad Day of Naruto Shippuden
  231. Naruto has become more of a superhero manga than ninja themed show.. thoughts?
  232. Who is this?
  233. A New Naruto Game?
  234. Ruroni Kenshin
  235. naruto or inu yasha
  236. The Twelve Kingdoms
  237. Name this character!
  238. Need a new Anime like inuyasha
  239. please help Anime dubbed websites
  240. who is going to be the final hero?
  241. New live anime TV series "Warlock's Magic"
  242. What shonen jump issue has Naruto chapter 558 in it?
  243. sasuke vs gohan
  244. best suzanoo
  245. who do you want to be?
  246. Subtitles for Maoyu
  247. Why have they drawn out Naruto so long?
  248. bleach villains vs naruto villains
  249. Anime name?
  250. Queen's Blade and Queen's Blade Rebellion