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  15. Non comedy western animation series for adults?
  16. Which of these is your favorite non-Japanese 2d animated cartoon?
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  63. Need help finding out the name of the anime series
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  83. Need help to find childhood cartoon
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  94. western cartoons/ kid shows teaching kids stuff they dont need to know yet
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  107. Firebending trick like in Avatar and LoK
  108. Nostalgia Critic reviews of cartoons
  109. [Web] Kodee's Canoe - Animated Nature Videos
  110. OH WOW! Disney's Peter Pan cartoon = American "ecchi"
  111. [CN/AS] Teen Titans
  112. The Censored 11
  113. [Other] Favorite X-Men animated series
  114. [Other] cowboys of moo mesa
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  120. What's your favorite cartoon?
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  122. [Other] Friendship is Magic is probably going to suck from now on
  123. It would appear that Disney invented Nyan Cat
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  135. [Other] SPOILER ALERT! Info on future Batman comic.
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  147. [Other] Transformers Prime
  148. [CN/AS] Totally Spies!
  149. [CN/AS] My completely unbiased review of Teen Titans Go, in which I throw a brick at the TV.
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  152. [Classics] The ORIGINAL My Little Pony
  153. The Theme Song Game
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  158. [Classics] "Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines!" STOP THAT PIGEON!
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  163. Prefix How-to
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  167. Three Shows I Wish had Offical Blu-Ray/DVD release
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  177. Is any American animation serious?
  178. The real ending of the batman comic The Killing Joke.
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  180. Western / Non JP Animation Discussion Thread
  181. Total Drama Island and Drawn Together
  182. Most racist cartoon of the decade
  183. Street Sharks vs. TMNT
  184. Looking for creative individuals
  185. [Disney/Pixar] your favorit disney songs
  186. Over edited cartoons
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  189. [Other] A very gory TV show, indeed.... BUT WHY DO WE WATCH THEM?
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