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  1. Who your fave Code Geass Character?
  2. Code Geass R3
  3. Code Geass: Black Knight/White Knight
  4. Why did Lleouch say he would miraculously revive?
  5. Favorite Female Character From CG R2
  6. *SPOILERS* Did Euphie Escape...
  7. Code Geass R2 25 (Final) Who cried? (Probably gonna have Spoilers)
  8. Code Geass: Did u like the ending?
  9. What about another Code Geass season
  10. Hmm, read this...
  11. Coolest nightmare
  12. How did they end up on Kamine island?
  13. Lelouch(Zero) - Villain or Hero of Justice?
  14. Which Series is better?
  15. Code Geass: Is the anime or manga better?
  16. All Hail Britannia!
  17. Confused
  18. Better than Gundam?
  19. Am I a total freak for saying this? Spoilers
  20. R3? October?
  21. What's the name of this song?
  22. Mecha Ethics
  23. A question about Nightnmare Of Nunnally(small spoiler)
  24. *SPOILERS* The shot that killed My Love for Anime
  25. Hopes for a new Code Geass series???
  26. If you could be...
  27. What kind of Geass would you want to have???
  28. Sunrise Indicates Possibility of More Code Geass
  29. Code Geass: 2010 Project
  30. *SPIOLERS* Lelouch in the ending
  31. Well well well
  32. The following end up in Code Geass
  33. Who should Lelouch Be with?
  34. Shirley after S1 E15 (casual spoilers)
  35. New Code Geass Anime annouced by Bandai.
  36. (Spoiler)A question about the R2 soundtrack
  37. R Those Rumor True???
  38. You know you watch to much Code Geass when....
  39. YouTube videos with Code Geass
  40. A picture says a thousand words
  41. Question about the other series
  42. Is this anime similar to Code Geass or even any good?
  43. Code Geass: Lost Colors
  44. Code Geass Figures
  45. Physics in Code Geass
  46. R2 box set?
  47. Geass Runaway
  48. Chose your date form Code Geass
  49. R2
  50. Philosophical ideas and themes within Code Geass.
  51. Who thinks Code Geass is actually better dubbed?
  52. new code geass
  53. The reasons why i hate the ending of Code Geass (spoilers)
  54. The reasons why i hate the ending to code geass. (spoilers)
  55. Code Geass Akito the Exiled is out! English Sub!
  56. My Code Geass AMV
  57. Whats up with all the Pizza Hut?
  58. Whos death was the saddest?
  59. If you had the power and immortality
  60. Where is the Blu Ray?
  61. Code geass akito the exile
  62. Code Geass Akito No Exile 3 [Preview]
  63. Code Geass my favorite Anime!
  64. Code Geass: Lelouch's Revival