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  1. fave tenchi character
  2. Has Tenchi Muyo ever confused you?
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  8. who else is excited about saint kinghts tale?
  9. So does anybody else absolutely HATE Sakuya?
  10. Hello Baby!
  11. who is YOUR fav Tenchi Character ??
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  13. Is it just me or...
  14. If you were Tenchi
  15. Tenchi Universe
  16. I give! Can't find this show at all.
  17. Dub Or Sub?
  18. who owns the movie on vhs still?
  19. Who do you think Tenchi should be with??
  20. Tenchi Universe - The Complete Boxed Set (Vols. 1-8)
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  22. Tenchi's Life: A Dream Or A Nightmare?
  23. help
  24. Ryo-ohki 3rd OVA. What happened?
  25. New Main Characters and the Galaxy Marines (GM)
  26. kenshi masaki
  27. This show brings back so many happy memories...
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  29. Sasami: Magical Girl's Club