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  3. Official Ask Kagome Thread V 1.0
  4. Best Inuyasha movie?
  5. Sesshoumaru...Boy or Girl?
  6. Kikyo is DEAD/SCANS OF HER DEATH [spoilers]
  7. Why did Kikyo go to Hell?
  8. Which Characters from Inuyasha would you like to see die?
  9. Your Favorite/Least Favorite Inuyasha Character
  10. what if inuyasha characters wre living in kagomes time?
  11. if you could say anything to any of the inuyasha characters,what would it be?
  12. Reason for hating Sesshomaru
  13. If you could make any charcter do anything what would it be?
  14. What is your 1st impression on the show INUYASHA?
  15. When did you first get into Inuyasha?
  16. what do you think of the relationship of inuyasha and sesshoumaru?
  17. What is feudal? READ ME
  18. All Inuyasha Posters Must Read This:
  19. Kikyo: Good or Evil?
  20. Inu-Yasha Song...
  21. Anime or Manga?
  22. Why doesn't Naraku "win"
  23. Who is the smartest Inuyasha
  24. Wich Inuyasha Character are you most like
  25. miroku
  26. Why do you think InuYasha's father intrusted him with the Tetsusaiga
  27. Sesshomaru's Past
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  31. Inuyasha Movie 5?
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  33. Who's ur favorite Inu Yasha villain?
  34. Inuyasha after episode 167
  35. Who is ur favourite of the Band of Seven?
  36. Naraku's Incarnations
  37. SPOILER: IY Manga Info Update-Long awaited DEATH
  38. Couples
  39. if inuyasha and kagome had a baby
  40. who would u pick
  41. half demon and human?
  42. i hear wedding bells.... but where are they?
  43. What's your favorite Inuyasha chapter?
  44. What's your favourite attack?
  45. What is your fave osuwari/sit moment?
  46. Kikyou and Death (Hear me out)
  47. Favorite Quotes
  48. What's Your Favorite Episode?
  49. FINAL CHAPTER OF INUYASHA ~Major Spoiler Within~
  50. are they ever gonna kill naraku?
  51. most useful girl on inyuyasha
  52. inuyasha?
  53. Favorite tetsaiga move
  54. Inuyasha Scenario...
  55. *+* Change...for the better. *+*
  56. How Does Kikyo Know?
  57. Miroku:Ladies Man or just a Pervert
  58. Inu Yasha pairings
  59. Why all the Kagome hate?
  60. Who is ur fav inuyasha character?
  61. Who do you want to die?
  62. Inuyasha on Soul Calibur 4?
  63. im here
  64. Rp in here!
  65. Which Inuyasha character are you?
  66. Who Is Hotter? Koga Or Inuyasha??the World May Never Know.....
  67. what was your reaction when the anime "inuyasha" adruptly ended ?
  68. Tenseiga or Tetseiga?
  69. About Kikyo's death !
  70. Who shall Inuyasha choose?First life or second reincarantion?
  71. Inuyasha Final Episode;The Episode after the last episode in the anime. PART 3
  72. kick off/ revive
  73. Why Sango isn't the best character.
  74. Who should be the next leader?
  75. When Do You Like Inuyasha ?! ~
  76. Is he Miroku or Hoshi?????
  77. Which filler character is ur fav!?
  78. Is this truly the final episode of Inuyasha?
  79. Whats your fav weapon
  80. Favorite Inu Yasha Movie?
  81. Inuyasha VS Lord sesshomaru
  82. Books Finally Reach End Of Anime In America
  83. Who is your fave character on Inuyasha
  84. Inuyasha Or His Brother
  85. I'm a Kikyo fan *blushes*
  86. I finished it!
  87. who is your favorite inuyasha character?
  88. Ichigo or Inuyasha?
  89. Band of Seven/Shichinin-tai
  90. Best Inuyasha Weapon (Ver_2)
  91. New Inuyasha Anime Confirmed
  92. fave couple in inuyasha
  93. Favorite Inuyasha Soundtracks?
  94. Favorite Inuyasha Villian, V2
  95. Inuyasha New Season coming in October
  96. Inuyasha help!
  97. Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen **kagome Story***
  98. A question about the Inuyasha manga;
  99. which one would you choose ?
  100. your most fav attack of two swords
  101. InuYasha Abridged Episode 1
  102. Favorite moment in the final episode
  103. It is done....
  104. The appeal?
  105. Who is your favorite Inuyasha Character?
  106. What did you learn from watching Inuyasha?
  107. Writing an Inuyasha fanfiction, need some background information
  108. Sesshomaru
  109. After watching InuYasha The Final Act , it's like I'm worried or scared. :/
  110. Naraku vs. Goku
  111. Inuyasha & Kagome
  112. Who is the best character???
  113. Inuyasha Second Series: The Final Act.
  114. If you were Kagome, who would you choose?
  115. Song in episode 128
  116. Inuyasha: The Final Act ... anyone else watch it besides me?
  117. Favorite Inuyasha Opening?
  118. Favorite Inuyasha Ending?
  119. Favorite Final Act Ending?
  120. Top 20 Favorite Inuyasha Episodes
  121. Joe Doshi, Ryuhaku Doshi, and Ukyo Kusanami
  122. Whats with Inuyasha and how Kagome is said to be nice
  123. Does Anyone Have Old Recordings of Inuyasha Off of Adult Swim?
  124. Is Kagome really Kikyou's reincarnation?
  125. What would you have done?
  126. If Inuyasha and Kagome had a baby...
  127. What do you think about...
  128. If Kikyou had survived
  129. InuYasha Pins
  130. Inuyasha Epilogue;)
  131. Guess episode!
  132. Inuyasha's coming BACK?!
  133. Change the Story
  134. Food and Drink
  135. Inuyasha RP!
  136. A list of demon species from Secret Of The Cursed Mask?
  137. Could an Inuyahsa/Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic work?
  138. Tonami loses rights to Show Inuyasha
  139. The meaning behind Kagome
  140. English fansub for the original series - is it all dead?
  141. Obscure Inuyasha Question
  142. A song from inuyasha!:)
  143. So...
  144. My Inuyasha TV movie project
  145. naraku