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  1. Your favorite Naruto attack
  2. [Mod] Reminder/Update
  3. Official Favorite/Least Favorite Naruto Character
  4. What Would Your Own Person On Naruto Be Like?
  5. The Official Naruto Manga Thread. (*SPOILERS*)
  6. Top 3 evil chacters of naruto
  7. New Naruto Rules
  8. waht is the funniest naruto moment???
  9. Which Sensai
  10. Who do you think will die in the end?
  11. Kakashi and the sexy jutsu
  12. Who's Your Favorite Naruto Couple? (ver.2)
  13. Who do You Think is the Strangest Naruto Character?
  14. Toughest kunoichi
  15. What Character can you relate most to in Naruto?
  16. Which Character Do You Want
  17. Favorite Akatsuki Member
  19. Who's the funnyest naruto character?
  20. Who else wishes Kakashi didnt seal naruto?
  21. Naruto and Feudal: READ ME
  22. Favorite Line From Naruto?
  23. if u could be any naruto character who whould it be and why?
  24. whoes your favorite hurricane chronicle villian?
  25. Create Your Own Jutsu (CYOJ)
  26. Has There Ever Been A Fight Between
  27. Who do you think received the best Shippuden make-over?
  28. Countering Genjutsu
  29. Best Fight in Naruto
  30. a naruto question thats been bugging me
  31. why do you think itachi didn't kill sasuke in the first place???
  32. Naruto Abridged Series...Anyone seen it?
  33. Official Naruto Character Discussion Thread
  34. which bijuu(tailed beast) you like the most???
  35. What's Your Favorite Headband Symbol?
  36. Question about Naruto OPs/EDs
  37. Which of the 3 legendary sannin is the strongest?
  38. Which genin is most hard working?
  39. Anime or Manga?
  40. Who's the most mysterious character??
  41. Who do you think has the weirdest hairstyle?
  42. Do you guys like the fillers?
  43. Which fight do you think should be the final fight
  44. Teacher-Students
  45. Strongest Jutsu(Kekkei Genkai not included )
  46. how many shippuden episodes do you skip? =p
  47. naruto trivia thread *will proberly contain spoilers*
  48. Strogest Kekei Genkai
  49. Which vilage?
  50. who do you think is the weakest?
  51. Naruto music
  52. About the movies
  53. All About Naruto Quiz !!!!!
  54. sakura is actually getting beter in her fighting abilities!
  55. what's the funniest prank naruto ever pulled
  56. A question for Sasuke haters
  57. Naruto Cosplay
  58. Tobi
  59. Favourite akatsuki member!
  60. what would you choose a doujutsu like sharingan or chakra or have a demon inside
  61. He is not an Uchiha, so why does Kakashi possess the Sharingan?
  62. do you think tenten and neji will end up together?
  63. the weirdest looking character
  64. Who Is The Cooler's Character
  65. Sasuke's jutsu
  66. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu??
  67. Too little screentime?
  68. Naruto Novels
  69. What should happen if Sasuke would use the jutsu sexy??
  70. like what would be the best couple in naruto
  71. Need Hyuga clan info
  72. Tsunade running away...
  73. fav naruto moment?
  74. top clan
  75. top clan modified
  76. Forum Rules. [New] READ OR ELSE.
  77. Best characters
  78. Who is your best character
  79. favorite tailed beat
  80. Faverout Justu
  81. Who is the hottest/most good looking Naruto character?
  82. Who was the cutest when they were little?
  83. For ALL The Kakashi + Tobi Lovers Out There!
  84. Naruto? Or Sasuke?
  85. The 7 Shinobi Swordsmen
  86. What happens to Shikamaru's jutsu at night/or in darkness?
  87. ┐How be the son of SASUKE and HINATA?
  88. Current Naruto Fight.
  89. naruto & the 4th Hokage of Konoha Village
  90. is Uchiha Madara and Tobi Is the same person?
  91. Naruto F.A.Q. [Heavy spoilers]
  92. naruto and sasuke=gay?
  93. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke. Next Sannin?
  94. what hidden village does hidan came from??
  95. A Must Read! Shika277o Told Me This!
  96. are Kakashi and Iruka died?
  97. ♥ what is your most favorite naruto episode ♥
  98. Who will win Naruto or goku?
  99. Who is ur favourite of the sound trio?
  100. Who's your favourite sand ninja?
  101. your favorite naruto attack cont
  102. If you turn a ninja, what ninja would be?
  103. your favorite jutsu
  104. Make your own jutsu/kekki genkai
  105. Who is ur favourite of the sound five?
  106. The most useful jutsu...
  107. naruto: random stuff
  108. what do ya know bout the seven swordsmen of the mist?
  109. Your Favourite Naruto Character?
  110. What would Your Naruto Character look like?
  111. my friend
  112. who is your favorit naruto character
  113. what is your favorit naruto move
  114. naruto date
  115. naruto girls
  116. Rasengan or Chidori "NOT A VERSUS THREAD!""
  117. is sasuke ever coming back?
  118. Sasuke Vs Itachi
  119. Discuss the latest Shippuden Episode Here!
  120. Naruto vs. Sasuke! (shippuden)
  121. fave akatsuki member?
  122. Naruto Shippuden Episodes/Movies/Manga
  123. Your made up/crossover naruto chracrters
  124. Who do you think is cute in Naruto???
  125. What sad song made you cry???
  126. Who has the weardest outfit? (any series)
  127. Which character would you like to be in Naruto???
  128. What's your favorite Naruto Band?
  129. What would you do when Naruto ends(the series aka the show)????
  130. What's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you?
  131. what u think
  132. fave naruto couple
  133. Sasuke and Sakura or Sasuke and Karin!!
  134. Seriously>>
  135. Sakura-chan's little affection to naruto ?
  136. Naruto Shippuuden Discussion
  137. Sasuke`s next move-*spoilers*-
  138. Naruto RP Forum (Not affilated with Animeforum)
  139. do you think...?
  140. Naruto's evil doppelganger
  141. If you have a Mangekyou Sharingan...?
  142. Naruto power structures
  143. Naruto Title
  144. Filler Arcs
  146. How do you WANT Naruto to end?(not think WANT)
  147. If you could change any part in the Naruto show/manga. what would u change?
  148. Itachi
  149. What do you think of Jiraiya? Please give comment..
  150. potential
  151. Naruto Feudal?
  152. Which Naruto Character will you like to meet if they were REAL!!
  153. Believe it VS Ttebayo: Purists Go Jump
  154. What's the funnyest moment in Naruto?
  155. The Shippuden Movie?
  156. Asume & Jiraiya
  157. Experience with a man (I'm a guy as well) *LONG*
  158. Where can I stream Naruto (En subs)?
  159. what naruto characters would never say
  160. This is confusing
  161. hinata and ....
  162. Naruto Shinppuden Ending
  163. What Is Your Fave Naruto Technique
  164. poems- manga related
  165. Which Naruto Character do u wish to be like
  166. Who's more serious and meaner?
  167. First thing first...
  168. Wich Naruto Character Do You Or Your Friends Shara a B-Day With?
  169. naruto manga
  170. A few questions...
  171. Shippuden movie 2 out yet??
  172. Dattebayo to drop Naruto?
  173. Sakura Love Story of sasuke
  174. Are Naruto Characters Invincible?
  175. Is Naruto overrated
  176. Naruto Character Theme Songs
  177. What colour suits what character?
  178. Rp here!!!
  179. Naruto and the Legend of the Stone Gelel
  180. What's your favorite village symbol?
  181. kick off
  182. Who Will Masashi Kill Next? MAY BE SPOILERS!
  183. can anyone espress heartbreak over this?
  184. Naruto Shippuden Movie 2-Bonds
  185. favourite naruto character
  186. Who's stronger, Sakura or Ino?
  187. What is your favorite Naruto thing/quote
  188. Which Naruto couple do you like the most?(Including Yaoi couplesn_n)
  189. Neji Lee. Who's stronger?
  190. Which Naruto movie is better?
  191. Naruto pairings Ino what? i am confused.What about Hinata if NarutoXSakura?
  192. Have you ever taken a "Which Naruto character are you?" Quiz? (Male and Female)
  193. favourite naruto chracter
  194. If you had a WEEK,to spend with any naruto char.,which one would it be?
  195. The STRONGEST Hokage??
  196. Does Tenten have a crush on Lee or Neji?
  197. What Naruto charecter is the weakest???
  198. Naruto Random couples
  199. The Best Naruto Couple Is....
  200. What did you think of the battle between Sasuke & Naruto?
  201. What did you think of the Special Episode of Naruto?
  202. Couple question
  203. Kakashi [Big Spoilers]
  204. Droppin' Like Flies
  205. If you could dress like any Naruto char, who'd it be?
  206. Do you think there could/should have been a bit mature version of Naruto series?
  207. Whose ending(death) scene did you find the saddest?(*SPOILERS)
  208. What do you think is wrong with Naruto's demon fox having 9 tails ?
  209. 5 teachers for Naruto
  210. Naruto's Fuuton, Rasen-Shuriken! Powerful or Not
  211. rate the Akatsuki members
  212. Pein (WARNING spoilers)
  213. Who is more stronger? Jiraiya Or Orochimaru (of the Legendary Sannin)? (*SPOILERS*)
  214. What character do you wish had a bigger part in the show.
  215. Who would you like to become the next Hokage?
  216. Trying to avoid Shippuden Fillers! Need help!
  217. Naruto Shippuuden Dropped From Dattebayo Subbing!
  218. Sasuke: Love him or hate him?
  219. If you got to make a squad what 3 genin would u choose to have in it?
  220. Who's better? Akatsuki or Orochimaru?
  221. What do you think about pein???
  222. Naruto Shippuuden Movie.
  223. Narutos new Sage outfit
  224. Favorite Team?
  225. Spoilers!The Connection between Danzou and Uchiha Mandara
  226. if you can marry any character from Naruto, who would it be?
  227. Jutsu
  228. Who Is Pain
  229. Worst Death on Naruto (Could be a spoiler)
  230. Naruto's mom
  231. your fav episode of naruto?
  232. What Is your favorite form of the Mangekyou sharingan? (Possible spoiler?)
  233. Itachi Uchiha the truth! SPOILER! MAJOR SPOILER
  234. If someone knocked of your door.........
  235. what do you think you like
  236. I Dropped Naruto!
  237. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Gaara, or Kakashi?
  238. Hokage
  239. pein and naruto brothers?
  240. favorit pokemon??
  241. what do you think?
  242. who's hotter?
  243. naruto the great
  244. Chibaku Tensei
  245. Do you really think that Tobi is U. Madara? (possibly a HUGE spoiler in Naruto)
  246. Sasuke likes tomatoes?
  247. o.o Naruto and Sasuke
  248. SPOILER ALERT!! Hinata
  249. Pictures of Naruto
  250. If you got to create your own Naruto Ninja Squad