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  1. Vandread
  2. Vandread
  3. Hottest Vandread girl
  4. Fav. combination
  5. Perfect...
  6. What would your Vandread be like
  7. anyone up for series 3?
  8. Who is your favourite pairing in Vandread?
  9. Who is your favourite character?
  10. Which combination do you like most?
  11. Who is the most annoying character in Vandread?
  12. How many seasons/episodes?
  13. Voyager *cough* I mean the Nirvana
  14. What is Vandread?
  15. Vandread: Could A Real Gender War Happen?
  16. Did You Know......
  17. Which couple do you like in Vandread?
  18. Omg, this anime?