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  1. Favorite Evangelion Pilot
  2. the end of evangelion
  3. Is Rei Ayanami your Favorite from Evangelion?
  4. What is so great about Neon Genesis Evangelion?
  5. Is Neon Genesis Envangelion insulting? (please read)
  6. What is Neon Genesis Envangelion:Angelic Days?
  7. End of Evangelion? Explain
  8. NGE 10th anniversary box set
  9. New Eva Movie!!!
  10. Neon Genesis: Angelic Days Graphic Novels
  11. Neon Genesis Evangelion Test
  12. the best character: Neon evangelion
  13. whats the deal
  14. Last Episodes- ....Wha?
  15. Does watching eva need prep work?
  16. The Best Eva Pilot
  17. Girl at the End Of Evangelion
  18. Who hates NGE movie(death/rebirth)
  19. Which Evangelion character are you?
  20. Evangelion Mentos Commerical
  21. who do you want for nara shikamaru of naruto?
  22. who do you want for shikamaru of naruto?
  23. This girl Mana?
  24. The nicest character in Evangelion
  25. Rie Compatability Test
  26. Evangelion AMV
  27. What Angel are you??!!
  28. Evangelion Episode Question
  29. Interesting EVA?
  30. question about 2nd evangelion movie
  31. Four new movies!
  32. Real Life Evangelion Movie!
  33. I'm LisMine and i'm new here
  34. NGA Angelic Days
  35. Why did Shinji masturbate over Asuka in the movie?
  36. Beethoven's 9th
  37. So dissapointed
  38. Personality disorders among the eva pilots
  39. Sicronized??
  40. Ever wondered what "The truth is..."?
  41. What was your favourite episode and why?
  42. NGE rebuild DVD release in america?
  43. All episodes
  44. Eva rebuild
  45. "Rip-offs"?!
  46. Kaworu the most evil charcter of all time?
  47. Evangelion Spinoffs(Tales of Innocence in Particular)
  48. NGE Viewing Order?
  49. question
  50. End of Evangelion DVD
  51. Anime Spinoff(s)
  52. The song "Be My Escape" and Evangelion
  53. Ebangekion?!
  54. Personality disorders among the eva pilots#2
  55. Episode 25 & 26
  56. Asking a Question
  57. The worst anime ending ):
  58. Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie!!
  59. Good animes to watch?
  60. War bonds lighters World war two lighters
  61. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days - any good?
  62. Another good Live action Eva shot...
  63. Anime music video =]
  64. Rebuild of Evangelion video released!!
  65. Get the old cast of Eva Dub?
  66. Has anyone seen Evangelion Rebuild 1.0
  67. What is Evangelion's Story?
  68. Why do people hate Shinji so much?
  69. Director and cast for Evangelion 1.0: You Are [Not] Alone
  70. How to best watch Eva
  71. Going to the Eva 1.0 moive at theater
  72. Which version is better?
  73. eva movie
  74. Would Asuka and Shinji make a good couple?
  75. Would Asuka and Shinji make a good couple? And would it work?
  76. End of Evangelion ending and Rebuild
  77. In your opinion, do the evangelion films compare to the original series?
  78. Why did you watch eva
  79. A question about Evangelion?
  80. Why do some people dislike Asuka?
  81. The Atrocity of Evangelion (Parody Promo Vids)
  82. Evangelion! worth it or not?
  83. Valuable Contribution to fans of the Greatest Anime of all time
  84. can someone explain the last two episodes for me
  85. A couple of questions about Evangelion Rebuild 1.0
  86. shinji ikari raising project manga
  87. What do you expect of Evangelion 3.0?
  88. Rebuild of Evangelion episode 2 (critique of the movie, contains spoilers)
  89. Need help understanding Neon Genesis
  90. What more stuff has the creator of NGE done?
  91. Evangelion Movies
  92. My thoughts on NGE
  93. How many times has it been redone?
  94. When are the remaining Rebuild eps coming out?
  95. Where to Start?!
  96. Can you help me understand the ending?
  97. Can Some-One Please Help?!?!?
  98. So, I've watched the first 8 episodes
  99. I Dream of Eva
  100. OMG!!!!! My Favorite Episode!!!
  101. 3.0: Q Quickening Trailer
  102. Is the Rebuild of Evangelion worth watching?
  103. the meaning of wich Evangelion where created!
  104. what order do I read the manga in?!
  105. How is NGE confusing?
  106. neon genesis
  107. Compared to Other Mecha animes.
  108. We need an Evangelion game in the US.
  109. Analysis of Evangelion: a conscious approach
  110. Evangelion Parodies
  111. Evangelion:Q Date announced
  112. Question (major spoiler?)
  113. Why all the Jewish/Christian religious symbols?
  114. End of Evangelion is censored in US release!