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Our own photography

  1. Our Kitty-cat,  
"I see you~"
  2. The modern art that is situated outside the national art museum...we didn't go in though, we'd blown all our money in Tokyo Toys~
  3. The YO! sushi bar in London! 
The whole thing is on a conveyor belt~
  4. hanging meat you often see in China Town (and this was in a bubble tea bar!)
  5. LOOK! A kitty shrine in China Town...soooo cool~
  6. some extreamly posh pastries and cakes in London, China Town...if only i had the money...
  7. China Town in London, very pretty, it really is a packed place, the shops are all in chinese, even the newspapers...if you get the chance, go there...
  8. A brief view of the London Eye
  9. The moon in Seaford by Beachy Head (the cliff)
  10. This is the carousel in Brighton (where we were born) looks so beautiful, like off the picture of a postcard~
  11. the dashboard of our van...mmmm, flowery
  12. Our Kitty, again...he either has 'L' eyes or he looks pretty exhuasted~
  13. This is the table we keep all our manga stuff on, it's grown alot now, but this is what it used to look like~
  14. Our kitty (Paddy) looking really alert.
  15. Our little Kitty-cat, Paddy~
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