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  1. Grimmjow   Primal fear by Sato manga
  2. bleach ichigo vs grimmjow by kirapl d3hxgpw
  3. BLEACH 600 1146736
  4. Axis Powers  Hetalia full 1089918
  5. What grimmy always wanted to do~
  6. He's got a bobble in his hair *snicker* 
(I didn't know grimmy smokes?)
  7. Yer~ 
Cat power~
  8. Even grimm-kitty gets lonely~
  9. YO!
  10. Yeah~ 
Ichigo's face looks like "urgh!, shutup Grimmjow!"
  11. AWWWW~ 
So kawaii~
  12. The cutest part about this are the chibis~
  13. we're ALL yaoi fans...
  14. Catnip is a wondeful thing~
  15. Tough day at work...
  16. Kawaii~
  17. Big couch is big  
Speaks for itself...
  18. Aizen's rape face...its not the first one...
  19. What a pain indeed, Aizen-sama
  21. You KNOW he's evil before he's even evil... 
those eyes...O_O
  22. Uh, personal space please~
  23. Strawberry cocktail~ 
Shaken, not stirred.
  24. Meet Grimmjow... 
Ain't he cute?
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