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Sailor Moon Pictures that I like

  1. This pic is so awesome~! I love all the different colored lightning bolts!
  2. Lol I like this one of Rei, but I think someone did editing on it (Look at her hand O.o)
  3. This has to be one of Naoko's best inner Senshi pictures, I say
  4. Bounding around like usagi's should, ne?
  5. Lol, striking poses
  6. I like this picture~
  7. My second favorite Naoko picture ever
  8. Whoever drew this gains 10,000 medals from me xD
  9. Makoto~
  10. This one has lots of contrasting colors~
  11. This picture is all "battle face"
  12. I call this one, "Inner Senshi and Cherry Blossoms." 
I like the feeling of April and May it seems to have
  13. I love this Sailor Moon one
  14. From the Sailor Stars, opening
  15. Rainbow colors always attract me
  16. This is my most favorite Rei picture ever
  17. If only everyone could play a violin in water xD. This is my 3rd favorite Naoko picture.
  18. Who knew Setsuna liked wine O.o? xD
  19. This one is cute, I like the lace
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