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Misc. Pictures

  1. Gumi Sig
  2. Maria Kabashima, my Wonderland RPG Char! Drawn by me~
  3. My Gumi render! >.> I secretly love this
  4. GUMI!!!
  5. Render... again >.>
  6. Hopefully not epic fail xD
  7. Original Album Picture
  8. A page from one of my song booklets, spazzed up xD
  9. Ribbon Fighter Via, fully remade (Ribbon Fighter Via is a KiSS (Kisekae) Doll made by Kimiki)
  10. My current desktop (As of 9-20-11)
  11. Ribbon Fighter Mori, fully remade (Ribbon Fighter Mori is a KiSS (Kisekae) Doll made by Kimiki)
  12. My avatar in all it's glory~
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