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Miko's Wanderings

  1. Next three pics are shiz I drew.  
  2. butterflies neon
  3. Peek
  4. How well they look alike
  6. Sore de 
Me cosplaying my namesake.
  7. trapped 
I drew this....Years ago...Just felt like posting it here. You can also find it on DA under the name Daquri.
  8. Beside the Pond 
Me as Da Qiao from DW 5
  9. Da & Ce 
Me and my BF cosplaying Da Qiao and Sun Ce from Dynasty warriors 5.
  10. Just the Two of Us 
Me and my BF~
  11. Inu gumi
  12. Snugglies
  13. Kagome Sewing
  14. Random Japanese wallpaper by ilMary
  15. Peek-a-boo 
My Inu no Taishou (Inuyasha's father) and I.
  16. Ikee! 
Me as Kagome @ AnimeNEXT 2011
  17. Lady Izayoi 
Me as Izayoi, Inuyasha's mother, at AnimeNEXT 2011
  18. bridge snug 
My Inuyasha and I
  19. ech Moment 2010
  20. Dead
  21. Elegant Taishou
  22. P7100445
  23. mituiro nenga
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